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Pop 'N Cluck™

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Happy Hen Treats® Pop ‘N Cluck is a corn kernel treat for chickens. Pop them right on the cob in your microwave or serve as is. However you serve it, your chickens will love this delicious treat!

  • Fun and interactive
  • Reduces boredom
  • Hand in the coop or feed on the ground

Feeding Directions:

Serve popped in the microwave or as is. Feed 1 to 3 Pop ‘N Cluck corn cobs per week depending on the size of your chicken.


Popping Directions:

Place a single cob in a microwave-proof dish on high for 15 seconds. If necessary, repeat until corn has popped. Not all kernels may pop. Do not microwave more than 2 minutes.


Caution - product will be hot. Cool at least 30 minutes before feeding. Do not leave microwave or children unattended.




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